Dome Features

The geodesic dome is acclaimed as the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing a space. They are designed to withstand hurricane force winds, extreme snow loads. Our framework is extremely strong and can support a range of suspension equipment including: lighting and sound equipment. 

Geo can engineer an environment that will captivate any audience 

Whether it’s an VIP party for 20 guests or a sporting event for a 1000….

Build your universe in a dome.


Outdoor Events Fabrics

Our Event  fabric is lightweight for ease of setup and perfect for digital projections. Logos and branding can be applied to covers. This extremely translucent fabric allows images to be seen both inside and outside the dome. Flame resistant, water resistant.


Event Dome Frames

Interior Freedom: 
Our geodesic dome frames are freestanding with no support poles to obstruct your valuable layout 

Engineering Specifications:
Our framework is extremely strong and can support lighting and sound equipment

Anchoring the Frame:
Anchors are supplied to secure the dome frame to asphalt, concrete, Earth, or a deck. Connecting domes: Two or more domes can be connected with our round door.


Event Dome Doors

Our Standard Event Round Door is perfect for large events. Each door includes a reinforcement hoop for structural integrity. We also offer optional Single or Double clear glass Pre Hung Event Doors. For dome sizes 30 ft. diameter and up, two doors are included for fire safety. Domes can be connected between doors.


Event Dome Logos/Branding

The dome exterior is highly visible and can be used for branding, logos and advertisements. Geo Domes offers high performance vinyl (appliqués) to accommodate temporary or event specific graphics. The (appliqués) are compatible with our Event covers and are easy to remove from the dome when desired.


Event Dome Digital Printing

Geo Domes offers custom digital printing on the interior or exterior of your dome. Our design team is available to ensure maximum impact for all custom designs. Printing applied directly to our domes is permanent. perfect for road shows.

Ventilation Heating

Event Dome Ventilation

Geo domes can provide heating or air conditioning as needed for your event.


Event Dome Windows & Skylights

A large bay window or sky light can be added to your event dome. We also offer portal windows that open for ventilation.


Connecting Event Domes

Two, three or multiple domes can be connected with short or long tunnels through Event Round doors.


Event Dome Floor

GeoDomes will provide the appropriate flooring for your event. we can provide a range of flooring solutions to sute your stile and budget.