R screen technology ™ is a seamless projection liner which we have developed to be one of the most advanced projection surfaces available. This creates a complete immersive environment where fantasy blurs the lines of reality.

R screen ™ was developed with our own in house design team and collaboration with our projection partners who were looking for a system that would reproduced any virtual world.

R screen can be configured for different applications whether its 3D projection in passive or active we offer different projection surfaces to suite multiple applications. Geo Event Systems projection domes can be hired as a full dome projection space with all the projection equipment included, or we can supply media servers, projectors and our fully qualified technicians.

Live domes is a leader in seamless projection systems, we have developed the R screen technologic which utilizes the latest projection materials in our negative pressure system. The projection liner is a seamless 360° projection screen, this immersive environment is backed up with our media servers. We offer a turn key solution with the fasted dome mapping in the industry saving time and money for our clients

Imagine & Build

Your universe in a dome.